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Iowa City Church Podcast

Welcome to the Iowa City Church sermon and teaching page.  We know that life can be confusing, and sometime just plain hard.  We believe the best way to live life comes through following Jesus.  These lessons and sermons are designed to be a resource to help you on that journey.  We hope you find them helpful!

Nov 10, 2020

The pursuit of happiness.  It always make the top ten list of what people want out of life, and honestly, who can argue, happiness is a good thing!  So why do so many people struggle to find happiness? It's not the longing for happiness that is the problem.  The problem is that we pursue so many unhealthy ways to find true happiness.  The question then is this: What is the best way to find true happiness?  Give a listen to Finding Happiness, and discover God does provide a pathway to happiness.  We hope you find it helpful!