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Iowa City Church Podcast

Welcome to the Iowa City Church sermon and teaching page.  We know that life can be confusing, and sometime just plain hard.  We believe the best way to live life comes through following Jesus.  These lessons and sermons are designed to be a resource to help you on that journey.  We hope you find them helpful!

Nov 27, 2023

In doing research for this sermon series I came across a fascinating article studying the connection between gratitude and altruism. It appears God actually wired people with a neural connection between being thankfulness and generosity.

In Mind & Body magazine, Christina Karns writes in detail about the research being...

Nov 25, 2023

I recently came across an article about Richard Stearns, the president of World Vision, as he reflected on his visit to a church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti a year after the devastating earthquake. The church's building consisted of a tent made from white tarps and duct tape, pitched in the midst of a sprawling camp for...

Nov 24, 2023

I recently learned of a study about gratitude called the "Count Your Blessings" study conducted by the psychologist Bob Emmons. Some of you will remember, like me, the old gospel hymn "Count Your Blessings''. The main theme of the song was very simplistic, yet memorable:

When upon life's billows you are...