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Iowa City Church Podcast

Welcome to the Iowa City Church sermon and teaching page.  We know that life can be confusing, and sometime just plain hard.  We believe the best way to live life comes through following Jesus.  These lessons and sermons are designed to be a resource to help you on that journey.  We hope you find them helpful!

Apr 6, 2021

Easter is not about brightly colored eggs, wearing a new Easter outfit, or enjoying a big meal with family or friends, although it could include all of these things.  Easter is about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Over the last year, death has been in the headlines more than ever before. Death seems so cruel, so harsh and devastating to all of us.  

That is the same place we find the disciples of Jesus after his crucifixion. They were struggling, fearful and lost as to what to do next. The death of Jesus crushed them and left them searching for hope in a seemly hopeless situation. 

But hope sprang forth on that first Easter morning, death was defeated and hope of a life eternal was ushered in by Jesus. 

Today if you are feeling hopeless listen to the words of Jesus from John 11:25
Jesus said to her "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live."