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Iowa City Church Podcast

Welcome to the Iowa City Church sermon and teaching page.  We know that life can be confusing, and sometime just plain hard.  We believe the best way to live life comes through following Jesus.  These lessons and sermons are designed to be a resource to help you on that journey.  We hope you find them helpful!

Mar 14, 2021

News.  It seems to have been front and center over the past few years.  Why is that?  Well, it really comes down to a couple of things: 1. Is it trustworthy?  When one picks up a newspaper (what's that?) or listens to a news program, one always has to consider the source and their agenda.  It seems as if everyone is trying to spin the information in a certain way.  So the controversy is really this: Is the news fake or true?  2. News always seems negative.  Maybe sensational is a better way to say it.  It's almost as if the sharing of news has become a form of entertainment...and the negative, tragic and disastrous news often gets the most publicity. 
So why does any of this matter?  It matters because negative, untrustworthy news creates feelings of cynicism, division, anger and depression.  Here's a quick test you can take to see if this is true.  After reading or watching the latest news do you feel: a) Uplifted, encouraged, hopeful?  b) Angry, frustrated, depressed?  You see, good news matters!

This is why Mark opens his book about Jesus with this sentence, the Core52 verse for week 27:
"The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God," ~ Mark 1:1
Mark knows that in a world of lies, half truths, and spin doctors, people need news they can trust.  But not just truthful news...but good news!  Why good news?  Good news is crucial because it gives hope.  Hope that things can change.  Hope that there is a solution to the problems we face.  Hope that there truly is a better way to live life.  Hope for an eternal future.  Good news matters. 

What about you?  Do you need some hope?  Make sure and check out the launch of our brand new sermon series, Guide to Greatness, we know that you will find it helpful!